Why the Illuma room will fail

Lets do some thinking for a second before we jump all over this as the next big thing.
The average seating distance from a tv in a living room is about 12 feet. The front of your coffee table if you have one is about 8 feet away from your front wall/tv. You Xbox is generally speaking under your tv or to the left or right only by a few feet.

Knowing this, if this device isn't powered off of its USB cable, that's two cables string across your floor waiting for your kids to trip over it and pull down the projector. Have you ever tried leveling a projector on a coffee table? I know it doesn't have to be perfect but still a pain. This is a device that would hopefully only be pulled out when you need it. That means you have 8 feet of cabling that needs to wrapped up and stuck in the corner.

IF its bright enough to use during the day. That puts it at around 2500 lumen. Not possible for current led based projectors to do cost effectively. So you have a $150 lamp that needs to be replaced about once a year, maybe less based on usage. Speaking of 2500 lumen, its alot, and, it's right at eye level of small kids and larger pets.

Sure it's a cool idea, but from a logistics standpoint, in anything but a dedicated room, it would be near unusable.