iOS rumors are a bunch of BullSh**.......

I am tired of hear about iOS is going to be "flat" and that iOS needs a "new UI" Or Apple is doomed. And the logic now is,

"If iOS 7 doesn't drastically change or a new UI I will switch to Android"

Peoples' stupidity amazes me.

Because over 90% of Smartphone users are NOT geeks and techies that only care about the software, Hell my wife didn't even know what UI or what the OS was called on the iDevices or her Mac, All the she cared about is that it's easy and very nice to use. I travel and know A LOT of people and they are the same way. They don't even stay on the home screen and wonder..... Hmmmmm where are the resizable widgets or where is a new way to switch between apps. Only geeks and techies think about that.

I can put money on the table and bet that iOS will look just like it is now and just a few more features that people will actually use and the rest is optimizing features to make it run even more smoothly and better, Which apple uses that has the "200 new features claim" Which they are technically right because new features that make the OS run better.

Do you actually believe the iOS 7 rumors?