16GB Galaxy S4 Reportedly Only Has 8.8GB Space Available

I'm starting to wonder if tech reviews need to include a "usable space" tech spec in the review.

I read an article this afternoon on the amount of usable space on a Galaxy S4.


via www.geek.com

From the image above, you can see that the S4 only reports 8.82GB of total space on the phone with 8.11GB shown as "available". The HTC One has 32GB of storage in its smallest size (which it does report as total available space), but also uses about 7GB of space by default. However, with 32GB base model you would still have plenty of space. In contrast, the 16GB iPhone 5 offers 13.7GB of usable space.

So for reference:

16GB iPhone 5 / $199 on contract / 13.7GB of usable space

32GB HTC One / $199 on contract / 25GB of usable space

16GB Galaxy S4 / $199 on contract / 8.8GB of usable space

The Galaxy S4 gives you the least amount of usable space at the $199 price point.

UPDATE: This post has been corrected to indicate that the Galaxy S4 costs $199 on contract, not $249.