Android Phones With Lots of Storage?

I'm a big cloud fan. I would literally not be able to survive without google Music & Rdio. I keep every photo since 2005 (when I got a cell phone with a camera on it, finally) in dropbox. My notes are spread out across evernote, Tasks, drive and now Keep. My malformed attempts to record my anemic musical talents are all saved online ( and Box). If you took every gadget I own and threw them in a lake, I would only lose what I was working on at that very instant. For me, setting up a new ROM, phone, laptop or tablet involves entering a ton of passwords, then trying to avoid the internet for a few hours. The only physical goods I'm not trying to downsize are my guitars and my records.

The cloud is a really great, life-changing tool in a big city like my hometown, Bell's 4G/fauxG coverage here is flawless and crazy fast, but I've started working as a consultant, and that means I routinely get shipped to towns that share a 56k connection amongst everyone and only have satellite phone service. Pinning/syncing an album can literally take all day (especially when your galaxy nexus is going crazy killing background processes for no !@#$ reason). Going from having basically every song ever to only a couple dozen album's worth of space to work with, music listening becomes a game of careful planning. If I'm anticipating having a rough day, I need to start downloading pick-me-up tracks several days in advance. If there's going to be a party, my 90's playlists had better already be synced. Any album I download needs to be worth listening to over and over and over again.

I can't really give up my Rdio subscription, I'm pretty heavily invested already, and rebuilding everything I've discovered since signing up would be more effort than keeping it. When I'm home, I use it normally, when I'm away, I use it offline, sort of like a very slow, but otherwise frictionless, free itunes.

This leads to my real problem: as much as I'm a raving nexus fanboy, 16GB of storage just can't cut it anymore. I need a phone with a ton of storage. 64GB if possible. Oh, and the tough part: it needs to be built-in. I won't touch an SD card with a 10-foot stylus, they're slow, unreliable and they make your phone and app management more complicated. They're one of my least favorite things about gingerbread-era android. Google was very right to move away from them, and Rdio syncs to /data anyway.

I don't want an iPhone, I used a jailbroken one last fall and I'm still trying to put the finishing touches on a 5000 word screed about how frustrating the experience was for me. Its mostly to do with how badly it handles communication, so a 64GB iPod (or iPad, i guess) isn't out of the question, but with a Gnex and BB Curve taking up my pockets, its not the most desirable solution.

As near as I can tell, this leaves me with the One X+ from Telus or the off chance that HTC brings up the 64GB version of the One. Are there any northerners who've tried the X+? Anyone on Bell? Am I missing any other storage champions? Should I import something else? Wait for the X phone? Is all hope lost?