HTML5 vs Native? Debate is still on

With already numerous blogs & posts on HTML5 vs Native, there still is dearth of articles with citations on all the claims made by the HTML5 community. Being from a native mobile application background, I'm heavily biased towards native apps for its sheer performance and polished UI.

I'm in the process of starting development of a Poker app. So here i'm again stuck with the dilemma. I would have chosen native hands down & saved everyone the trouble of going through this post. But given the timeframe of just under 3months & with expected support on Android, iOS and desktop browsers, I have came to this forum to help me rescue.

What would you guys recommend taking into account the platforms to be supported, time frame that i have, future enhancements and maintainability, testing and any other aspect that is important? Also can you guys name few really famous HTML5 apps (more importantly games) on respective smartphone stores? As i can not find even a single one.