Improved Vine Recording UI



So I've mocked up some "improvements" to the Vine recording interface that I think would make it a LOT more user friendly---while increasing the ease of use of the application.

The first thing you'll notice is the new "recording" bar. Every time you record, your "snippets" are broken off into sections...or "leaves" (if you want to be kitschy). This would allow for two things:

  1. Two be able to select certain sections to "re-record" them.
  2. To be able to rearrange your "snippets"..allowing Viners to shoot out of order do some non-linear editing.

The color coding makes it easier to keep track of which shot is which.

You'll notice two icons at the bottom of the screen that incorporates two sought after features...the front-facing camera and a timer.

The front-facing camera is self-explanatory.

The stopwatch, on the otherhand, would allow Viners two options.

  1. Length of time to record.
  2. Countdown length.

While some users might never have to use the feature, making it accessible would mean those who mostly do the camerawork by themselves would have time to step away from the phone to do some even more clever work.

These are just some of the tweaks that could be done to a very promising app, all while maintaining it's minimalistic appeal.

First time posting, so let me know what you guys think!