Adjusting Windows 8 desktop for small high-res screens.

... otherwise called "high-density" screens or Retina-like displays (since Apple is one of the firsts to push the race for more ppi).

Hi The Verge peeps !

First of all i would like to say that i'm definitly not the only one that already knows about it, and actually a lot of reviewers including ones from The Verge brought this problem, which is Desktop Scaling in Windows 8, surprisingly i was able to find a solution for it and i'll hopefully be able to demonstrate this through screen captures which are taken from my Windows 8 Pro copy, unfortunatly it's in french (english is actually not my native language) but it should be quite enough to illustrate where every option is so you can adjust this setting, i haven't tested it yet, so you might as well publish your results in this topic and tell us if actually did enhance your computing experience in... let's say your 1080p 10inch touch-screen tablet.

The options that you should click on are highlighted with yellow, not the most professionnal thing in the world, but it is efficient and it works.

Step 1 :

You right-click on the desktop and you go to "screen resolution"

Step 2 :

Again i have a french version so i'm not fully sure of what you might be having as an illustration for this option, but it should be "Make text and other elements smaller or bigger" or something along those lines, it's actually the higher blue link on the left.


Step 3 :

Obviously what's given by default is a set of limited options (100%,125%,150%) if you want to go with that sure why not, but for this guide i'm aiming for the advanced settings giving you the choice to optimize the experience the way you like it and the way you feel is more comfortable for you touch and computing experience in this kind of devices.


Step 4 :

From there it's nothing but a piece of cake, it's pretty straight foward you can select percentages from the list (which is again quite limited) or you can write your own (although for some reason you can select all numbers, although there is still a wide range of options avaible), or as it's indicated you can drag while left-clicking your mouse (or do the same thing with touch) to also set your percentage.


Final Step :

Now it'll ask you to log out and back in to your user account in order for changes to occur.


I think some of you guys would tell me that it's kind of stupid and dumb to show people something that i haven't even tried, or googled to see what happens (which is ridiculous by the way, it's a real-world thing more than anything else), well... for one thing i have absolutely no reason to try this, the desktop is already well optimised for my 20inch 1680x1050 (spending my fourth year with it, outstanding screen), and as i said earlier i want some of you to try it, or if you're already doing it, HEY why don't you share some screenshots with us ! I'm quite curious to see the results.

Thanks alot in advance.

EDIT : A screen capture will give us some idea of what the desktop might look like on your screen, but a little bonus such as a photo taken of the screen with a camera with it shouldn't be a bad idea.