How Should an Ideal Phone/Nexus should be

The following are my point of view and may differs from yours.

Nexus was made to be a Higher Mid range or Lower High Range phone that inspires other phones. So how should it be?

The Screen should be a 4.7-5 inch one. This Display size is thee best fitted, not too small, not too large, 1080p or 720p, Used The Note 2 and a friend's Grand, The Grand's size good, but I still feel the Note 2 is way big atleast for me or for most people

11.2 mm or 0.44in thick roughly (these are not to tick and not to thin) I fail to understand the usefulness of a very thin phone. Please correct me if I am Wrong.

I feel weight of ~150g is ok. (interestingly, The Galaxy S4 is 130g, but my old Phone (Ace Plus) is just 115g, and my old phone (Galaxy Apollo, I still like it much. It should have inspired the S3 design, It looks like this is an very old /start design of the current one.) was just 109g and even the SII is 121g (tested by self, but they said its 116g)).

I don't want an hyperglaze all plastic body phone. Son Its a No Samsung. I need an All Glass, Aluminium or Soft touch plastic a feel as in the ZL. A unibody design would also be nice though.

No 13MP plz. When I listened HTc saying about the 4MP camera, I was like what are they doing, but Recently, they had some show or something here in Mumbai, I used the Camera,It was good, and the Low light performance was better than the other cameras. Now I seriously need one, but increasing the optics size and fitting in an 5MP camera would be great. And with some other innovations, It should be great. The front camera should be 1.5MP or 2MP with a slightly larger optics than in most of current phone is possible and at bottom as in the Xperia ZL.

Snapdragon 600 or 800 processor. A quard-core APQ8064T (600) would be nice.

Connectivity: GPS with GLONASS, BT 4.0, NFC,etc...

The speakers should be in a fold structure, starting from back, converging to the side top. It should be a horizontal stereo, but if they use 4 small speakers instead of 2 midsized speaker, they could combine it with the sensors to provide that sound experience in vertical as well as horizontal.

A Nexus 4/Xperia ZL like notification Light.

The Xperia Z is the Sony Flagship, but the ZL is way better, Make it waterproof and dust proof and trash the Z (I like the Z design, but the ZL has more ergonomics and a better feel). I sony makes the next Nexus use the ZL and not Z as base. (but i like current nexus and its back design)

No Carrier Locking