Google TV future

Google tv has tremendous potential and following are the features I would love to see in a future box:

1. Mirroring from your android device - Not just youtube but actual real time mirroring from at least Nexus line of devices. Works first time everytime. This would be just fantastic for gamers and streamers alike.

2. Apps - Hopefully the top 25 android apps ported specifically for TV. Primarily video and photo apps

3. A photo Hub - should be able to pull photos from Google+, Facebook, Google drive, Dropbox, local storage or NAS, or connected camera - an all in one kind of a solution.

4. Now this might be a stretch - but why not act like a gateway to your local storage like an NAS server software. You could plug in your USB HD through a USB port. This drive would be connected to the home network through the gtv box. Google provides the required software to interact with the drive via mobile devices or desktop.

There are of course innumerable different apps which might achieve the above with maybe a little bit of additional knowledge and tech knowhow. But I am just not comfortable using my log in credentials with a bunch of third party software makers.

DVR, cable and ota channel integration does not interest me that much since I never had the cord. My idea of gtv is that it is an internet tv box and it should first excel at that before trying to bring in other features.

Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.