A drop in content quality?

I feel that the quality of content published on the verge has dropped recently..

For example, whenever there is a new product launch there will be a whole set of posts about it, each with just one new line added to the previous. The amount of redundancy is quite evident if you examine the story stream itself.

There are also cases where a post just has two lines and says 'Developing...' at the end. I understand that getting some key piece of information out there as soon as possible is the goal but it would be better if the post has some real content in it rather than just one line.


Also, I love the diversity of the posts on The Verge but these days I find that the posts related to tech are mere links to other websites with a short description along with them. The posts related to culture on the other hand seems to be well researched and elaborate.. which is nice.. :)

But where is a hands on review of Ouya?? No.. a chat with the CEO doesn't count.. 'The cellphone is 40 years old today' article is just a link to an article posted an year ago? I hope you guys will take this as some constructive criticism as opposed to just insults...