Instant upload options from Android

Probably this topic is done to death, but I could not find a definitive answer. What is the optimal instant upload app to use from Android phones. Following are the options I have evaluated with its unique caveats:

1. Google+ - No automatic syncing with desktop

2. Google Drive - i dont think it automatically uploads videos from the phone, only photos

3. Dropbox - Functionalitywise its complete. But the additional data plans are pretty steep. 99 bucks a year is the cheapest for 100 GBs

4. Box - I have not been able to evaluate this. I had used it a couple of years ago. But I am not sure how good it is anymore

5. Skydrive - Microsoft's future does not seem to have any love for android. Am not sure it has any instant upload features.

So is the only hope for Google to clean house and integrate all their storage for G+, youtube, mail into drive and hope it just works?