Which phone should I buy? Nokia Lumia 520 or Nokia Lumia 620?

Which phone, in your opinion, gives more value for money? The Lumia 520 is available in India for ₹10,499 ($193) while the new offer price from Nokia for the Lumia 620 is ₹13,477 ($248). I am well aware of the differences between the two:

(1) The Lumia 520 has an IPS display as compared to the TFT display of the 620. The 520 display is super sensitive. However, the 620 display has ClearBlack as well as automatic sunlight adjustments. The 520 display does not have an Oleophobic coating, whereas the 620 display does have it.

(2) The Lumia 620 has a few more sensors (orientation, proximity) as well as GPS/GLONASS. The 620 has Dolby headphone sound enhancement and Rich Recording capability. The 620 also has an LED flash and a front facing camera. The 620 feels more solid.

So, what do you guys suggest? Which phone should I go for?