Lenovo K900 (Clovertrail+) tops Galaxy S 4 S600 (a bit lower than the Exyos 5) _ AnTuTu Benchmark

I just saw this new's , the new clovertail+ Z2580 (based on a old arquitecture, 3y old if i'm not mistaken) beats the S600 and almost matches the new Cortex A15 based Exyos Octa 5 in general performance.

But the clovertrail+ will won't stay long, will be replaced in a few months ; with a promised 2x CPU increase the Exyos 5 won't stay n top for long.

EDIT: And it's Dualcore and not quadcore like it's in the picture , a 3y old based dualcore almost matching a brand new quadcore A15 .. that's really something...