Official Twitter app no longer available for Win 8/RT?

I had been using (and enjoying) the official Twitter app for my Surface RT, but was annoyed by the fact i was getting multiple notifications for single actions, for example, 2 or even 3 notifications for one retweet. I decided to uninstall the app and reinstall it to see if this solved the problem, however i am unable to redownload the app from the store!

I can't find it with the inbuilt search, any of the 'Top Social', 'Top Free' etc categories, which i am pretty sure it was near the top if not 1st in these two categories, and following a direct download link from WPCentral says that the app is not available for my PC!

Is anyone else having this issue and can confirm? Could someone who does have access to the app find out if there is a support email address for the development team to see what is going on?