How should a real smartwatch should be (software)

I was watching this CNET video on my mobile and came across this idea:

Why the hell can't they add add a post button on the android app?

The content below was cooked up in like 20 mins and was written on my mobile, so sorry for errors and misspells and all:Smart watch:
1. Gesture+ rich notifications
2. Matte transparency
3. Toggle
4. Widgets like lock screen.
5. Independent functionality
6. Bluetooth 4.0
7. 2"-inch screen
8. Gesture notifications
9. Android connection
10. System level interaction
11. Touch based navigation
12. Multifinctional/power key.
13. Rich native apps
14. Card based layout
15. Modern look and feel
16. Multiple device aware.
17. Battery efficient
18. Phone installed app extention
19. Event based navigation

An event is a set of instructions having multiple cards which has the goal of completing one event/work.
An app is a group of multiple event along with a database and non-user viewable intents.
A non-user viewable intent include events/intents like sync, check, toggle, command bridge, etc. These support a normal event but are not directly actionable.
An card is a viewable area of a event UI which shows either information or toggle or both.
A face card is like a welcome screen, or first screen which may include shortcuts to 2/3 important or most used feature. It can/should be used to show the logo and the color scheme of the product/brand/company.
Eg. Face card of Facebook app shows the friend request, messages and notifications icons alongwith a blue background (color scheme of facebook) and a facebook logo.
An event can launch a sub event.
The power key will take you to the first card of sub event (if running (eg. Event showing a friend request of xyz) ), then on second press on the first card of the event (eg. friends request event), then to the welcome card of the main/parent event (I.e. the facebook app's main event). Swiping from left to right will act as back and take you to the last event. It will register command "negative" in a dialog event. Also in a dialog event, swiping from right will return you to last event with a "positive" command. Swipe up to down in a dialog will take you up to last event and the command can be set as required by developer Or "null" if possible. Eg. In facebook, swipe up will send a negitive, ie. Not now response to swipe from up to down.
A large card has a part of it (covering half of screen) hidden either at bottom, right or left. Revealing them will show buttons. Eg. In facebook App, the friend request person card shows the profile picture at background and the name and number of mutual friends by default. Swiping up from down reveals the "cross"(not now) button and "tick"(add) icon buttons covering half screen, sliding the name from bottom right to top right and pushing up a bit of the background (profile picture).

At the home screen, the clock will be shown. Swipe to left from right will show thebfulscreen Widgets whose order would be configerable. The music (now paying), inbox, weather, Calender event, etc. Can be shown here. Power button will bring to the clock screen. Swipe to right from left will show call logs, messages etc. While swipe down from up will show toggles and can be swiped from right to left to show the next 2/3 toggles. A more swipe down from up will reveal the notifications pending on the device. One card for each. They can be seed by swiping right/left. Swiping them down from up will clear them.
On the calling card (appears when someone calls you), it shows the picture set for the person on device as background and the name and number similar to the Facebook friend request card. But here, swipe from right to left accepts the call while a reverse gesture declines up. Swiping up will show the messages that can bed sent while declining call. Swipe down will cancel the card and event and will silent the can use a Bluetooth headset with mix and eliminate the need of removing the phone from the bag or pocket.
Slide up from down will show the all apps (application drawer) list/grid.
Apps can be installed as normal apks on phone and will be recognized by the main app via play store or side loaded. An app that can be used on phone, eg. Current Facebook app can also include the smart watch app within it. The manager and the smart watch os will monitor your usage details locally to find which apps you use most and will shift parts of tha app or the whole app to the watch storage. If a app installed on watch is not used or used very rarely, it would be shifted back to phone to preserve space. Apps are decided into Widgets and app, and of only widget is used and not the app, then the app will be stored on phone, while widget on the watch. The app can be further decided into many individual event and be similarly spread over phone and watch depending on usage details to save space while saving battery and speeding up the app if the developer allows.
The device can be used to connect phone to wifi networks that are pre configured, or are open or are wps enabled. The smart watch can be used to suppliment the "Google glasses".

Typed on a phone.


The cover for display and other things sounds bad, but even a 4.7 inch display was ugly back in 2010. (I didn't like 4.7 then, but use one with love now and I dont like cover but I think I will!)

I wrote this for myself, Just in case I needed it, but decided to share it, so some things may sound not perfet for a forum post like this.

I have a separate file for hardware (shorter than this),and would publish it too if you say. This text (pasted above) is incomplete. It has flaws, and improper representation. Sorry.

It may sound silly, but if someone could help me creating mockups, it would help. basically, apps are similar to the windows 8 metro/modern apps, but are different (mostly based on gestures and taps, so fundamentally same!).

Can somebody help create mockups???