Is stock the next step for current gen Motorola?

I'm in the market for an Android phone. After 1 year of experience using a Windows Phone (a love/hate relationship), I'm finally back in the Android realm.

As a big appreciator of Google design (and android, overall) I want stock. It works great, it's beautiful, it's heaven. Unfortunately, I live in Brazil, and you go through pain if you want a Nexus phone. The Nexus lineup is almost unknown to brazilians. That's not surprising giving the fact that the Galaxy Nexus is known here as the Galaxy X (wth?). Now we're starting to see some changes, we have the Nexus 7 now for a ridiculous US$ 650 price tag (R$ 1300), and the Nexus 4 is reportedly coming soon for a "compelling" price (which means about US$ 800, or R$ 1600).

Well, I don't want to pay that for a phone. I also don't want a Samsung, say what you want, but I just hate their hardware. I also don't want to root, install different roms and all that mess. So Motorola is something fairly interesting to me.

Last week Motorola introduced two smartphones targeted to the brazilian market, the Razr D1 and D3. The D1 is a low end device, so let's not look at that. The D3, on the other hand, is a very capable mid range device. It has a 4" display (FWVGA, so a not-so-high pixel density, but I don't care), a 1.2 Ghz Dual Core processor, 1 GB of Ram and 4GB of internal storage (expandable, of course), a rear facing camera of 8MP and a front facing camera of 1.2MP. It comes with 4.1 Jelly Bean and, according to Motorola, the upgrade for the next version of Android is "guaranteed".

As we know, Motorola is drifting away from their custom interface and opting for stock. One thing that I noticed is that the interface in Motorola's 4.1 is somewhat different from their 4.0 interface... it feels a lot more like stock.

Since Motorola is Google for now on, I think that, if they want to keep those phones in the market for at least another year, they could roll out a stock Key Lime Pie for these devices. It's like they're already preparing their (few) users for some change there.

So, what do you guys think? Does this make any sense? Should anyone get a Motorola phone at this point?