Windows 8

So I just set up a windows 8 laptop for my aunt and boy was the software experience confusing. Rant/Trolling aside I had a few questions.

Control Panel Change:

  1. Why is it so different, its just a horrid experience, I had to go metro to launch the control panel, then some of the settings send me back to the metro side. Things that had been the same since I can remember e.g. changing password, has completely changed. Why would you change fundamental software features and settings, and if you did change it why not keep it consistent and change everything.
  2. I found some many different places to change, why not just drop the control panel and keep everything in metro, I can see this being a even bigger problem on a touch device if your forced to use desktop control panel to change a setting.
  1. I'm not sure if this was just an issue with the laptop I had but I found you couldn't install more then 1 app concurrently, why was this changed made.
  2. Constant notification sounds without any indication of what has happened, it had me flicking between metro and desktop just to find nothing at all.
  3. Why do most metro apps take 3-4 seconds to launch, e.g. Bing took a while, I closed it and tried to open it again a few times to make sure it wasn't the first time causing the issue. This was a some what powerful pc core i5, 8gb ram, how slow is it on tablets, or is it just the app making sure you have an internet connection and such before launching. Which I think is a bad experience.
Apart form those issues I liked the new interface for moving things from external drives, it had the ability to mount drives which was really nice (general have most things on iso as I removed DVD drive from my laptop). The interface was very nice and flat, I did miss some of the visual cues of aero. ClearType was really nice, it was a 768p screen @15" but the text was not to bad, you can set it up to be just how you like it and it made a difference.Boot up was faster, I didn't test how quickly it boots from sleep but it should make a big difference. If you don't like metro you can still return your start button with 3rd party apps, always nice to have the option.
The experience has left me in 2 minds about the OS and I'm thinking to skip it till 8,1 comes out and hopefully fixes most of these issues.