Help: Opinions on my iPod Dock (GCSE Coursework)?

EDIT: Thanks for your help! I've received plenty of comments now and, whilst I would have liked some comments from female and older users to broaden the demographic that I can say I've surveyed, I honestly don't have any time to write up any more of this! My deadline is tomorrow, 1st May 2013. Thank you ever so much for your help.
More photos and my whole e-portfolio will be uploaded to my blog,, in the coming days.

Hello all,

For my GCSE Product Design coursework I designed and manufactured an iPod dock. For the final stages of my coursework, I need some third-party opinions to help me evaluate my design. Whilst I am asking my friends, I know that they'll be biased. Also, I want to see what a larger audience thinks of my design, not just the teenage market (which the device is aimed at, however it could be adjusted for other markets with different colour schemes/materials).

Using the pictures provided, would some of you be so kind as to answer these questions? They don't have to be particularly detailed responses.

1) Do you like the colour scheme?

2) Do you like the overall shape of the device?

3) Would you say the finish is good?

4) If you walked into a shop and saw this dock, would you be attracted to it?

5) How much would you be willing to pay for this dock?

6) Is the device aesthetically pleasing?

7) Do you have any suggestions for other colour schemes?

8) Would you buy this iPod dock?

9) What age group are you in? (<16, 16-26, 27-36, 37-46, 47-56, 56+) You may refrain from answering this question if you wish.

10) What's your gender? You may refrain from answering this question if you wish.











Some final details about the dock:

- 3D printed with powder, hardened, primer applied then spray-painted;

- Blue part is a volume ring, when turned the volume increases/decreases. Made using a Makerbot 2.0;

- Switch on front of dock would act as a lock switch (like that of the iPods, disabling all other buttons);

- Compatible with all Lightning and 30-pin iPods/iPhones (adapters are interchangeable).

Thanks ever so much for your time!

P.S. Sound quality does not need to be evaluated - the exam board does not require our docks to work perfectly, it's more an assessment of our general design skills.

Additional photos of the dock and manufacturing process can be seen at