Could you recommend me some decent camera app?

yesterday I decided to unlock my Xperia mini pro's bootloader and have fun with kernels and non-stock based ROMs. I've installed a CM10-based ROM and I love how it's actually made my phone usable when compared to stock and stock-based 4.0.4 ROMs. the only thing that I don't like is the camera. I've been using modded Sony camera app, but it isn't compatible with CM & Co., and the camera I've found in my new ROM is lacking some features, like scenes settings - it's only got Auto, Night and Party. I don't use the scenes settings very often, but sometimes Document, Beach/Snow and such were pretty useful. also, I hate the fake shutter sound, and I can't see any way to disable it except enabling silent mode in the whole phone, and I DO like my notification sounds.

that said, can anyone recommend me something that is tested and reliable, and doesn't apply ridiculous image compression, and has some settings to play with?

NOTE: I don't need Instagram-ish effects like solarization, b&w, cartoon and other photo raping tools, since I'd use Photoshop/Gimp on my PC if I ever want to play with stuff like that.