I'm curious: Exactly what x86 apps do 'regular' users need that would render Windows RT useless?

I ask this because I really curious about what x86 apps people generally use that isn't on the Surface RT or Lenovo Yoga 11 RT

On my previous netbook I used to install Skype Msn Messenger Zune Office Metrotwit Dropbox

On my surface RT all these are available in some form or another. When people say Windows RT suck because it doesn't have apps - what exactly does that mean? Facebook? Well its not on x86 either People use the browser Many websites are getting touch friendly thanks to the iPad - wordpress, tumblr, this also benefits Windows 8/RT Flash works in IE10 RT - I watch Games of Thrones easily via HBO GO in the browser

So what's missing that doesn't have a web equivalent or 3rd party app that regular users might miss? (I define regular users are those who do not need specialized software like Photoshop, Visual Studio etc)