@ People who hate larger screen sizes

Looking at YOU editors !!!!!!!

Apparently most of the market disagrees with you. People are more impressed by larger screens, and that vast additional effort of using 2 whole hands is not a great burden to most people. Every time you all say something like

large screen hater : 4-4.3" screen sizes are the PERFECT size, Why won't companies make THOSE sizes the flagships !!!

It is no different than saying that more car companies should make smart car sized cars:


via lovelyrides.com

I am sorry for having to post an image of something so hideous, but you small screen lovers need to understand just how out of the mainstream you are, how Alien and Kafkaesque your personal preferences seem to normal human beings.

There is such a thing as too big, like something so big it won't fit in a normal pocket, but that is not what the note II is... unless some of you not only hate large phones... but wear skinny jeans.