Just bought my Galaxy S4.

Here in India, the unlocked Exynos 16gb version cost me Rs 41,500, or $769.

This was the first time I saw it in person. Coming from a Galaxy S3, based on the pictures all over the internet, I expected it to feel and look just like my S3. It doesn't. In person, you can see how much nicer in looks and feels. It really does look nicer. The smaller bezels make it look classier, just like the chrome rim going around the screen on the top (which I couldn't see in pictures). It's nicer to hold than the S3 because of the flattened sides, and the home button is easier to push.

I disagree with David Pierce about the holding of it - that it feels "slimy" or whatever stupid word he used. It doesn't, Unless you're sweating to begin with. Here right now, it's 102 degrees outside, and even with the heat and the slight sweat on my hands, it's no more slippery or anything than my S3.

Anyway, I'm excited for roms to come out. I already have it rooted.

The display looks INCREDIBLE.

So yeah, it's plastic, and I would absolutely take it over aluminum because I can open it. I'm excited for a giant third party battery, because those'll be out really soon, and I can use my 60GB sd card. Good times.

If you were on the fence, let me tell you - it's better than it looks.

UPDATE - I just got it rooted. Titanium backup ftw.