Photo Storage / Sharing for Group

Hi all

I'm after some advice on the best place/practice to store pictures from multiple people from one event please.

Basically I'm getting married and we're going to kindly ask our guests if they would be happy to share some of their best/worst/favourites of the day/night with us. So post event we're able to 'log on' some where and access all of the pictures from all of the people.

Does anyone have any advice and workflows that may be appropriate for this please? Ideally I could give all of our guests a URL that they could all go to, log in and upload their photos. From there I would have access to see them all and download them back, so we have all of the photos ourselves.

I guess a bonus would be if I could then also share/publish them online with a private link for people to view an edited selection of them that I deem appropriate ;) but I'm happy if I need to go elsewhere to provide that functionality, as that is a bonus at the moment, just finding a solid solution for others to 'put' their photos would be awesome please :)

Would something like setting up a new Dropbox for this and providing the log in details for guests for maybe a week post event and then change them after. That way I believe everyone could upload and should be relatively easy. I've also read that Flickr has an option to email photos to an address where they are automatically added to your account. That also sounds like a plausible solution too...

As always, free is good, but happy to pay (Flickr Pro for instance if it's necessary...)

If anyone has any ideas and/or tips it would be very gratefully received! :)