"RR" ("real reality") with the Oculus Rift

I have discovered two very exciting demos for different applications of the oculus rift, which use real stereoscopic images instead of rendered images. I call it "RR" because it's a way of immersing into a real but distant place and/or bygone moment.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yw85AIG1Y4k&feature=player_detailpage#t=720s The first demo (starting at 12:00) uses panoramic time lapse images, so you feel like you're standing somewhere in Sweden looking at a beautiful aurora sky moving in a fast forward time lapse fashion and people passing by in front of you. Of course the rift's head tracking lets you look around.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8nLavCZlseM The second video shows a guy sitting in a park wearing 3D goggles similar to the rift and controlling a little copter with a stereoscopic cam attached to it. The images are streamed to the head mounted display. That way he navigates the copter through the park - over treetops, past groups of people... It must feel like playing a flight simulator / exploration game in a real world environment. Head tracking is not used in this demo, and I think it would be very hard to implement.

Both demos show that the rift can be used to create unique and novel experiences that let you visit places that are either far away (travelling), inaccessible (exploration) or past onetime events (live shows, festivals, solar eclipse, et cetera).

Here's my list of realistic - and probably quite profitable - applications. I have to say im pretty excited about this, because it seems like RR could open the door to an endless number of exciting and useful new experiences

using panoramic stereoscopic video footage recorded with static cameras

- relaxation, psychotherapy

- RR-TV programs

- education

- advertising in tourism

Using live streaming from static panoramic stereoscopic video cameras

- live broadcasting of concerts, tv shows, et cetera

- RR-webcams

Using stereoscopic panoramic video streamed live from a cam mounted on a remote controlled copter, submersible or other kind of exploration vehicle

- scientific explorations of inaccessible places

- exploration trips as leisure activities (RR scuba diving, et cetera)

- multiplayer racing games on real courses (using copters or miniature cars)

Using stereoscopic panoramic video streamed live from a head mounted cam plus kinect

- any kind of AR you could imagine, the possibilities are endless really! (for example: making objects appear transparent/invisible by integrating images from external cameras into the images from the head mounted camera)

Also, all of the applications listed above could be enhanced by adding AR (using Kinect and other technologies)

- adding information (visual or text) to educational or TV experiences

- adding virtual objects to RR racing games

What do you guys think? Any ideas for other "RR" experiences? Are there major technical obstacles?