Reviews & Why Opinions Matter

It seems every time a review is published on this site a somewhat sizable majority of the readership or at last the commenters are intent on simply bashing the site, the review or the reviewer. Chris Ziegler's review of the Blackberry Q10 is a good example of this.

I think what a lot of people fail to comprehend is that a review is opinion based and the great thing about an opinion is that every single person on this earth can share a different opinion. This allows us to discuss, debate and share our own opinions and ideas.

I'm a little sick of reading about how biased the writers at The Verge apparently are. A large majority of the hate towards the aforementioned review came from the reviews tagline: "The best horse cart in the age of the automobile". The question that was more or less raised was, is this a fair comment? Although many scream bias I fail to see how. Here's why. As it's early days for several phones just launched lets have a look at Q4 2012 and the top 5 selling smartphones in the US are: iPhone 5, Galaxy S3, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and Galaxy S2. Ask yourself how many non touchscreen phones do you see when you're out? Not many I bet.

Blackberry is looking to aggressively re-enter the market in a big way and of course the Q10 is a large part of that, keyboards are Blackberry's thing, in a world full of touchscreens the Q10 has a great USP. But right now keyboards aren't what the market is asking for, I guess we'll see if that changes. But right now the form factor is as Chris put it a horse cart.