Apple "going minimal". What does it mean for Windows?

Since iOS and I'm sure Mac OS eventually, are turning more minimal, how do you think this affects Windows? It's funny how Microsoft has been ahead of the design curve right before our eyes. I just want to get others opinions and thoughts. In my opinion, the look and feel of Windows can be pulled out drastically more, design wise. And I'm not talking shadows and gradients, but structural elements.

What I forecast though... I feel like Apple's designers are going to come up with a very catchy design language and its reception is going to go well. There will be heat though. Personally, I've realized that people in general do find the whole skeuomorphism to be overbearing and pointless after awhile.

Now, I think or at least I hope, Microsoft is aware of what they need to do, User-Experience wise. Bring even more life out of "Live Tiles", bring more cohesiveness between the brand. I trust Albert Shum from Windows Phone and Todd Simmons from Wolff Olins to this point, based off these videos. I feel that NIKE is a pretty interesting brand to draw inspiration from.