Review my startup idea!

I've been an officer in a club at my university for about a year now and I've noticed potential for a startup in this niche. There are quite a few repetitive processes that are quite tedious and time consuming. Keeping track of members seems to be a time consuming aspect of running the club, and I'd like to build a web app where officers can keep track of their members. A club will sign up for the site, and be able to login and add their members including their .edu email, major, and year. Ideally members would be able to pay their registration fee's through this site and become a member for the club so that they are automatically populated in the member list. Then members can check in to meetings and events through this site which will allow the chapters to track the members participation within the club. They'll have an option to receive notifications. Officers will be able to create an event, and then the members will receive the information for that event automatically, the day of or the day before, whichever works best. ...I'm not sure about this feature though because this can already be done through facebook.
Do you think clubs would like to use something like this? If you think they would, do you think they would they be willing to pay a small fee for the service (I'm thinking about $5 a month or $50 a year, but I would have to reach out to clubs to see what they think is a reasonable amount)? I am also thinking about taking a small percentage of the club's membership fee as another source of revenue (maybe 5% per member that signs up through the site).
I plan on validating the idea by reaching out to all of the clubs at my university asking them about the idea and see if any of them will commit to the service before I build it.
Your feedback is greatly appreciated.