Google Glass (non)issues?

Even though Google Glass in not yet in mass production and retail market, a lot of people were quite fast to judge them.


People started to freak out because of privacy "issues" that someone could be filming them. Which is weird, when we live in a world with CCTV, smartphones and gadgets, like pen cameras.
If someone was to spy on you, that person does not need Google Glass and even if he (or she) would have them, I think it would still be wiser to use those gadgets. From what I've seen, you can see when someone is recording with Glass if you know where to look.

Behind a steering wheel

Another argument I heard pretty often, is it will be distracting while driving. Well for start, it does not show you stuff unless prompted, so it will not get in the way.
Second, if you are to check your emails / google+ / whatever while driving, I believe you would do it on your smartphone anyway (and also you should have you driving licence revoked).

"it's anti-social"

Another concern is that it will create a barrier in conversation. I don't think so, because its not in your way during an eye contact and when you get your notification, I would prefer if the person "just tilted a head slightly to see what is going on" and then continue conversation, rather than pulling out smartphone.
I mean,
see the notification on Glass ~ 1
look it up on smartphone ~3-5+.

So, your ideas?