What am I missing by owning a Blackberry?

I have a Blackberry 9930 on Verizon. It's my fifth Blackberry. I paid for it with my own money, as I've never worked a job that would give me one. Laptop, yes, phone, no.

From reading the coverage of Blackberry in general on The Verge, I feel that I must be missing something. Is there some amazing set of features on iOS or Android that I'm missing by owning a Blackberry? I don't play games, and I don't need to watch Netflix on my phone, as I'm never really that far away from a computer when I want to watch a movie. I have Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. Blackberry Traffic gives me turn-by-turn directions, and I can search for things on Google Maps. Blackberry Travel updates my calendar with trip information before I even realize that my flights have changed. I have a Kindle for reading, but I have the Kindle app, too.

If I don't want to play Angry Birds or watch a movie, is there anything truly compelling that should drive me to an Android or iOS handset?