A case for those who'd love the GS4 save for the back.


Seems interesting. Nexus 4 version is $37, so I'd expect that to be an indication of what to expect. If your main/only issue with the phone is texture, this might be helpful.

Since it isn't out yet, there aren't any reviews up I've been able to find. Its construction, and source, however, seem to be quite similar to the "HunterF" aluminum case that was made for the GS3 and GNote II, one review of which is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Kpn1UveCog

Note: this is not a defense or endoresement of the GS4. I don't own one, nor do I plan to buy one; I've just noticed a lot of people who seem to be worried about that singular aspect, and thought they might like to know that this is out there. Cheers.