We Live In the F***ing Future

It was a cool afternoon in Downtown Austin. A breeze was blowing, the trees were wiggling and a gentle electric hum whizzed past the bench where I was sitting. A Segway tour group had quietly zipped by. They were a small pack of tourists out enjoying the sights of the city. I thought nothing of it, then continued reading some Verge articles on my phone. I looked forward to the intersection and saw them rolling through a crosswalk, in single file formation. Kind of like The Beatles crossing Abbey Road, only these individuals looked infinitely less cool. Cool-factor aside, this entire scene sparked a chain reaction of elation that culminated in LOLz IRL, alone on a bench. As I laughed, almost uncontrollably, I immediately spoke aloud a thought as it came to mind, "We live in the fucking future."

I was reading The Verge on a device that that is probably more powerful, and has a faster Internet connection, than my home computer 6 years ago. And, it fits in my pocket. The centuries old pleasure of a city walking tour had been replaced by individuals that stood on electric powered scooters designed to whisk them along their chosen path. Don't get me wrong, people look pretty stupid riding a Segway, but the concept of personal transportation is interesting.

Do you have a moment that made you take a step back and appreciate the technological landscape?