64GB Surface RT + iMac... Good combo for video editor?

Hi all,

Right now, I have a 15" MacBook Pro that I run Windows 8 on through BootCamp. I love Windows 8, and use it for just about everything for video editing. Once I need to edit, I switch over to OS X.

I recently bought a Windows Phone, and I'm loving the Microsoft ecosystem. I want to invest even more in it, and I'm tired of running Windows 8 in BootCamp. I've been lusting after the Surface ever since it's released.

For those of you who have a Surface RT, do you think I could use it for my basic, day-to-day computing needs? I typically spend most of my time on IE10, one of many RT apps (Evernote, Netflix, Mail, SkyDrive...), or Office. I'd love to have something smaller and more portable for all of this.

And for when I need to do more intensive tasks, like work with CS6, I'll use a 21-inch iMac. This will give me a larger screen to work with, which I've always wanted, and I've never really needed to edit on the go. The iMac is refurbished, so that plus the cost of the Surface RT doesn't add up to too much more than the value of my MacBook.

So what do you think? Is this a feasible plan?