My Concept idea for Live Tiles (Mock-ups)

Get in, get out and get back to life.

Inspired by the slogan, my vision is to make the Live Tiles more functional than just showing latest information. It should give us the power to do a simple task as quick as possible. The only way, of course, is to do it from the start screen. And so, I gathered all of my ideas and thus, this was born.

Introducing, the Action Bar

Introducing the future of live tiles, the Action Bar. Since my idea was to add function while retaining the design of the home screen.

How It Works


1. The Action Bar is activated by long tapping a Tile like when you want to resize or unpin it. A translucent bar will appear at the bottom like in the Metro-styled apps, revealing the quick options or actions of a particular app which in this case is, the Play/pause, Forward and Backward buttons for Xbox Music.

Now, why translucent? Because it gives you a feel of transparency so it doesn't block the bottom of the screen completely resulting a beautiful design and comfortable feel.


2. Tapping the ellipsis (The "...") reveals more specific options or actions. As you can see, for Xbox Music, it will show the name of the song playing, the artist and the timeline of the song at the top of the Action Bar. The other options like songs, playlists, settings etc. is displayed under it neat and tidy. Tapping one of it will of course, bring you to the selected option page.

Full Examples:




I think my visualization of perspective is actually pretty good and possible to be implemented on Windows Phone itself. I am proud of my work, and all opinions are welcomed.


  • Adobe Photoshop CS3
  • Microsoft SkyDrive
  • Photobucket
  • Microsoft Paint