Galaxy Note 2 - To Root or Not to Root: That is the Question

Gentlemen (& Ladies)

I need advice... I have a new Note 2 that I LOVE!
But shall I bother rooting? I am worried I will lose some stylus ability.

Currently I use it to annotate and graffiti on pics, to occasionally swipe/flow on SwiftKey, and to navigate the internet 50% of time. I do not use the S Note tools at all (currently).

Any advice on pros + cons for particular custom roms for the Note 2. Also interested in people who think rooting a Note is not necessary...

And any apps which rock which are not so common, which are optimally fantastic on big Note 2 let me know!

I am a control freak and I am new on Android but getting to grips very quickly. Moved from Windows Phone where I was an early adopter... held out for great things... but ended up committing suicide.

Accept me with open arms. HAHA

Thanks in advance for all your comments.