*[UPDATE]* Taking a Jailbroken iPhone to the Apple Store...

Basically, the front speaker on my iPhone has stopped working completely so I'm currently carrying out calls using the loudspeaker, which isn't the best obviously.

I've made an appointment to see a 'Genius' (-_-) on Saturday to see what they can do...


The problem is, I run my iPhone 5 on jailbroken 6.1.2 and really enjoy it - it's a breath of fresh air after having had stock iOS for 4 months, like a new device almost.

Of course, if they noticed it was jailbroken they would not help me as violates T&C's.

Do you think if I just rebooted and disabled MobileSubstrate and hid all the Cydia related tweaks in a folder somewhere they would notice? Or would I have to bite the bullet and update to 6.1.3?

I'm not sure if they will just replace the screen and relevant parts, they probably won't replace the whole phone. If they did replace the phone it would probably come loaded with 6.1.3 which would be bad. And I don't want to intentionally update my own iPhone and take the jailbreak off it for the purpose of taking it to the Apple Store.

If at the end of all this, I end up with an iPhone running stock I will most probably either:

swap it for an HTC One (just to try something different)

or, swap someone privately for an iPhone running a lower version of iOS 6 (but can't really be bothered with the hassle)

I don't think I could go back to having stock after having it jailbroken.

What does anyone suggest is the best way of going about this situation?


Since this post still seems to be getting responses I thought I'd let you guys know what happened:

I updated to fresh 6.1.3 and took it to the store. After the guy took it through the back to "test if the speaker was as described and check it wasn't tampered or water damaged", he then came back and said they were only replacing the speaker module. When I came back after 45mins, to my surprise, they now said they were replacing the whole phone due to the screen having 'multi-touch issues' also - although not at all to my knowledge. They showed me the phone and it had a grey line about 1/8" thick right down the screen. I figure they may have damaged it when replacing the speaker or something.

So they gave me a new, scuff-free phone. I got home and activated it to see it's still on 6.1 (6.1.1 was released over 60 days ago) which was quite surprising they still had this phone in store.

Happy ending, I jailbroke it.

From Left Field

When I was spending my 45mins waiting I wandered into a store, they had an HTC One. I spent 30mins playing around with it and talking to the guys in store. The screen is indescribably amazing, speakers phenomenal. However, I left it there in store and went back and got my iPhone.

The next day I went and took the jump over to Android. I'm not looking for anyone telling me about my decision - it's my decision and I've made it.

The build quality is on-par if not better than the iPhone 5. The screen is a lot better IMO, the speakers are obviously better - these are the two biggies as I use my phone to watch a lot of media/movies. Can't judge battery life at the moment, had it less than 24 hours and still finding my feet with Android after being with iOS for the past 4/5 years.

Android has all the apps everyday I used with the exception of Tweetbot and Amplitube which I use my iPad Mini for anyway. So yeah, seems OK - no lag, responsive, Sense is a good looking UI. 'Zoe' feature is awesome, FWIW.


Now, I'm still using my iPhone 5 for work until my case and screen protector arrives for my One. I work on an industrial site, sometimes outside, usually in the rain, full of dust and sludge, so I think my desire to wrap up my new 'great build quality' phone in rubber/silicone only at my work is justified here.

I figure it will be easy to sell my iPhone, since it's jailbroken and basically brand new - I'll just post a few pics of my phone showing a few gimmicks like Auxo and it will be good to go. I find jailbroken phones go for slightly more than regular.


TL;DR : They replaced my stock 6.1.3 phone with one with 6.1 - I jailbroke it. Got an HTC One - it's incredible.