Is there any Windows Laptop comparable to a rMBP?

Hi there,

so it is time to retire my HP Elitebook 8460p. It served me well, but spoiled by the i7 & SSD in my desktop, the performance of it just annoys me every day.

Some of my friends bought the new Retina Macbook Pro (15" with dedicated graphics) recently and i have to say it is absolutely gorgeous.

  • gorgeous screen
  • incredibly thin
  • great battery life
  • incredible performance (SSD only)
  • good looking design
  • backlit keyboard
  • great trackpad

I'm --->this<--- close of buying that thing and slam Windows 8 on it. But i don't want to. Seriously i don't. So is there any Windows OEM that can compete with it?

I looked at the Lenovo Yoga (which has a Touchscreen - not necessarry to me but awesome nonetheless) but the screen-resolutions suck.

I looked at the new elitebooks but they're still too fat. The Spectre maybe? I have very bad experiences with HP battery life though. Do Vizio trackpads still suck? Surface Pro is not "laptoppy" enough for my workstyle. Another OEM?

So i guess i can wrap that up: Which Windows 8 ultrabook/laptop/notebook can compete with Apples latest Retina MBP's in all categories?

I just found this exact same discussion:

seems like there is no way around the rMBP.