The Problems with the Ouya Review

The Ouya got 3.5, which is the Verge's way of saying, it's such a piece of shit that shitting on it would be high praise.

But looking through the actual criticisms, 3.5 doesn't seem like a fair score.

On software, they claimed it was horrible. Yet the main criticism was that games couldn't be rearranged and sometimes required a bit of scrolling to get to the game. That doesn't seem very horrible, just minorly annoying.

On the controller, the biggest complaint was that the buttons had OUYA instead of ABXY or something on there. That's an unfair criticism as that assumes XBOX is the only right way to do it and David's personal preference for XBOX is tainting his objectivity. Play Station does it different and no one complains.

The game selection was the only major valid criticism but I suspect that will improve over time.

It seems bizzare. The Nexus Q, which did even less than this and actually had confusing software, got a 5. The Ouya interface may require a bit of scrolling, but it is very simple and does more than the Q ever did yet it gets a 3.5. Wow.

It seems that unless it's one of the big 3, there's no way the Verge will ever give it a good review. There's an added level of harshness and nitpickiness.