The Facebook First, HTC's Comeback

So I think everyone is looking at this wrong forget about the Facebook Phone and what it does. It is a launcher sitting on top of Android, pure and simple..built for all those millions of people who will die without checking Facebook every 5 minutes.

The Phone though, is HTC's comeback. We all know Android rules the budget phone market. It has been that way for years, and even Apple is rumored to want to take a chunk of it with a budget iPhone. But think about it what do all those first time smartphone buyers want?

They want a cheap phone they can text and check Facebook on.

The Facebook First does this arguably the best depending on how it performs. But not only that it gives users a taste of Android. So guess what ohh, I can get Apps on this GMail, Chrome, Google Search, Youtube, and other Googlish offerings.

No, the Facebook First Phone, app or whatever is not for us tech nerd who probably half of are using Google+, but it does cater to that large market who really only use their smartphone for Facebook, and wants something simple and cheap, that basically works.

The winners here are...

  • HTC. They have something nobody gots, a cheap phone that they can sell a lot of to the masses.
  • Google, more Android users and Facbeook not forking the OS.
  • Android Users, more users using Android phones means more developers making apps for Android

The Losers are:

  • Apple, what budget phone can the possibly release to compete with a Facebook phone for $99
  • Samsung, all those cheap phones Samsung has now has major competition..
  • Google+, If there is casualty in the Google camp it is their social network which now has to compete with a full scale FB launcher.