Full price for the HTC One?

I am a long-time iPhone user who has been desperate for a change. Last summer I tried Windows Phone 7 and the HTC One X but was disappointed for various reasons, so I used my upgrade for the iPhone 5.

The older I get, the more disdain I have for ATT's (and Verizon's) little "upgrade" game, and I have been thinking about doing my upgrades with full-price phones.

The One is the first phone in a long time that has seemed really exciting, and ATT has it for $600, or $650 after tax. that's a lot of money, but i'm trying to break out of the American phone plan mindset. It is shocking to think about how American carriers have trained us to feel like we "can't" have a phone because we "don't have an upgrade."

So, what's your thought about dropping $600 on this phone? Paying full price to be free of the upgrade cycle and Apple's incremental upgrades?