Wait. I just realized. The HTC First...IS THE M4.

Back when the One was known as the M7, there was also a public leak of a divice called the M4. The M4 was the One S to the M7's One X. It was a glorious looking small almost-superphone. Snapdragon 500, 1Gb Ram, 720P, 5MP Low light shooter.

The HTC first specs?

Snapdragon 500, 1Gb Ram, 720P, 5MP (Low light shooter?).

I can't help but wonder if the m4 became the first similar to how the ME370T became the Nexus 7?
All I know is that I'm sad to see it only on AT&T. I'm intrigued by this Senseless clean looking HTC phone. Even if Facebook is buying my eyes.