Smartphone batteries pretty much suck. With rare exceptions, manufacturers have decided that a thin and light phone is more important than one with stellar battery life. Phones used to last days between charges, but today's smartphones are lucky to last a single day before tapping out. This isn’t more evident than with the iPhone 5: Apple managed to make a phone slimmer and lighter than the previous iPhone 4S, but its mediocre battery life stayed the same. While Motorola has released a couple of smartphones with colossal batteries (the Droid RAZR Maxx and RAZR Maxx HD), Apple has been content with keeping the battery life the same across a few generations of the iPhone. It’s possible to get the iPhone 5 to last all day with light usage, but most heavy users find themselves charging it throughout the day to get it to last from dawn to dusk.

That's where Mophie's line of Juice Pack cases comes in. Mophie has been making cases with built-in batteries for the iPhone ever since the iPhone 3G in 2008 and it finally released iPhone 5-compatible versions earlier this year. As someone who constantly deals with a dead smartphone, I’ve relied on Mophie cases to get me through the day for years. Therefore, I was eager to try out the new Helium and Air cases for the iPhone 5 to see if they could solve my battery dilemmas.