Android 5.0 Lock Screen Rethink



This would be an update to the previous rethink of the Android lock screen. Slide the blue ring to the icon you want to go to, just like 4.2 but possibly better looking, but thats subjective. The half-circle with the icons only shows when you have your finger on the blue circle.

Without phone rendering [link]


How it works:

On the side the half-circle is placed, there is a three dot slider. The three dot slider can unlock the screen buy sliding down or up. Instead of a straight line unlock like on most phones, you have a curve that your thumb was made for. With straight unlock sliders you have to articulate your fingers most of the time or move the phone to reach, especially since screen sizes are getting bigger. Even before the end of fulling getting to the end spot the home screen will be ready and so will your thumb. Since the end of the half-circle is where most people have their fingers placed. I may post a video unlocking with it if people don't get the concept.

Good or abominable?