Where's Paul Miller?

Paul has been flat AWOL from the Vergecast for the last two (or is it three?) episodes. And with absolutely no mention of him at all, or why he's away. (Usually this is done for the other two when either of them are away. And Paul too, in the past.)

Apart from the fact this annoys me, him being my favourite one out of the the three (even though I love the other two), I want to ask what's happening? Why isn't he on the Vergecast?

I hope there's a good reason and it's all fine :). Can verge staff let us know why he's not attending the podcast at present?

The cold silence about his absence (which is deafening) almost sends a signal that Paul has let The Verge period, or is going to leave. even if his last article was published only 9 days ago.

What's happening?

Is Paul having a break due to that mini drama that happened with Nilay getting frustrated at his ignorance with that situation with sexism and video games? Waiting until he returns to the Internet, before he returns to the podcast again? (If he is not on next week's one, I can only conclude this is it, or, he is leaving The Verge fully and staff are not telling us.)

Is this what it is?

Thank you.