# DealWithIt


Isn't that the most douche-baggery way to talk to potential customers? People like these give Microsoft a bad rep about arrogance and being insensitive to customers.The amount of negative press Microsoft is getting on this is immense. Just check the comments on The Verge and IGN article. There's not one Microsoft/ Xbox fan who can support such an attitude. I hope this is not the internal attitude at Microsoft as well.

To top it all, its amazing the way he trivializes the issue. There are a number of markets in Asia which have very very erratic internet connections. To just ignore all of that to cater to the US market alone is simply amazing tunnel vision. Phew! I don't mind always on as long as it doesn't get in the way of playing a game. If this 'always-on' means the Xbox will stop a game if internet is dis-connected then its going to be a sad day for gamers. (See AC 2, SimCity 4....)

Reminds me of Marie Antoinette's famous phrase "Let them eat cake!!" That didn't end too well for her.