Has my iPhone been hacked? [UPDATE]


The answer is probably not. As I mention below I've seen this occur a few times now. Since ISP, router and network have all been ruled out and I've only ever seen this browsing the Verge, I think it's likely the issue resides on this website, not my phone.

I'm interested to know if anyone else has had a similar experience.

Original post below...

Is this even possible?

Here are the facts:

  • This has happened twice now in the past day. I can't remember which site I was on the first time. The second time I was here on The Verge.
  • The page loads, I start to scroll and I'm redirected to a dodgy page (the second time I captured an image before closing the tab). Note the disabled "back" button.
  • The phone is not jailbroken
  • There are a number of iDevices and PCs using the same Internet. This hasn't been seen on any others

My initial thought was a DNS hack on my router or a hacked computer presenting as a DNS server on the network, however the settings all look ok on my router and iPhone and no other device in the house has had the same issue (they all use DHCP and the same router)

My second thought was perhaps something here on The Verge... but surely other people would have experienced the same thing since I've seen it twice.

I think I'll re-flash my router just to rule that out.

All other ideas are welcome!