would anyone mind having a fatter phone for better battery life?

It is the trend these days or (or for the duration of smartphone existence) for phone makers to trim down the width of phones. No doubt doing so is no less aesthetically pleasing than it is a technological marvel, however, as smartphone users, we suffer by the consequence of less than a day of battery life. Given Samsung's portfolio of such a wide variety of phones that I'm pretty sure are made just for the sake doing so (the projector phone, for instance), why hasn't any manufacturer came up with the idea for something pragmatic? Something like a fat smartphone with twice the battery life, for instance? Sometimes when my phone dies after a full night's charge before evening approaches (Galaxy Nexus), I imagine how different it would be if my phone was indeed twice as thick, but had twice the battery. Honestly I don't see any particular reason for squeezing down a phone other than the purely aesthetic. I think it's time more adventurous companies like Samsung come up with fatter variants of their phones.

Maybe we should move into an era where we shouldn't really worry about the thickness of phones. All the hover stuff and quad core cpus can fit into a cardboard thin GS4. Imagine all the crazy tech we could fit into a phone that was not limited by its depth!

Twice as deep, twice the battery life.

What do you guys think? Would you buy such a product?