How do you use your cloud storage?

"Cloud storage" has been one of the biggest buzzwords of the last few years. Like most, I too went ahead and opened a bunch of accounts in assorted cloud services. I don't know about you guys, but having used not much (I'm talking megabytes here) of space, I've got tons of storage to spare across a huge variety of cloud clients. Between all my Dropbox, Box, Skydrive, Bitcasa, and Google Drive space, I have 75 gigabytes of storage lying unused in the cloud (3, 50, 7, 10 and 5). Also, I've got 5 GB in iCloud too, but I can't really think of a way to use that except for for in-app stuff. Also, my password manager (Dashlane) tells me that I have a "CloudApp" account too, but for the life of me, I can't even remember what this is.

Of late though, I've been having some ideas about what to do with all of this space, since given the high-as-**** prices of SSDs, I might not be able to afford the exact memory configuration I want.

Although the distribution (or fragmentation, rather) of this storage does pose a problem, I am trying to figure out the best possible combination of these. Also, I've been using this service called Jolidrive to help sort out what's in what, and it really feels great so far. A desktop client would be great, but this one is great nonetheless.

Here is what I'm thinking:

Dropbox is quite easily the best cloud client I know of. It's apps are the best for a cross-platformer and in general, it is the most "connected" one, in terms of apps which use it. But alas, it also has the least storage (I'd appreciate it if you could help me out with it, though, by creating an account with my referral link here if you don't have one already, which I suspect most do). If I could, i'd have all 80 gigs here. But I can't, so I'm planning on using it exclusively with writing apps to store my notes and drafts for my blog posts. Also, this will serve as a back up to my blog.

Box is really good at what it does too, although the apps do feel a bit hasty and the 3rd-party integration isn't that great as Dropbox - well, nothing is, really. But the good news here is that I have 50 whole gigabytes of space. So Box seems like the place for storing huge files. I'm planning to use this as a photo library (I have about 12-13 GB of photos, but I'll keep around twice as much reserved for more) and as a back up for my music library, which also clocks in at about 12 GB, leaving me with a good deal of space for adding more of each.

Skydrive is something that I've been a real fan of, especially of the web app. Ideally, this would be the best place for my photos, but like I said earlier, it isn't nearly enough. So I'm planning on using this one as a Ninite-like app directory, where installers to all my programs (Windows user here) get backed up by some simple automation app, like Belvedere maybe (suggestions here would be HIGHLY appreciated since Belvedere is literally a half decade old now). I realize that Ninite itself is an easier option, but most of the apps I use aren't there, and like I said, I have much, much space to waste.

Bitcasa is a relatively new entry to my cloud "stable", and the fact that it shows up as a hard drive with 8 EB of storage in explorer has somewhat endeared it to me for no apparent reason, since I haven't even used it. Ever. Google Drive is something that just lies on my Start screen there like Bitcase, devoid of any function.

I would appreciate ideas as to what I could do with those two.

So, that's about it for me, I guess.

What do you guys think of this plan? How do you manage your online storage right now?