How do you write on your iPhone or iPod touch?

As the question reads, what apps do you use to write on your iPhone or iPod touch?

Personally though, I'm stuck between Drafts, Daedalus, iA Writer, and Write. While Drafts and iA Writer are your proved-and-tested stellar, conventional, clean writing apps, Daedalus' new approach to the writing workflow has both, intrigued and baffled me simultaneously, while Write's on-screen mouse functionality alone seems to make the case for the app. For the latter two, I'd like to know if the differentiating features as stated really are great or just gimmicky.

Has anyone used one/ many of these on the iPhone or iPod touch?

Also, although it isn't really a big factor, the apps cost $7, $1 and $1 for both versions or the universal one, Write not having an iPad app (yet). Is Drafts really worth 7 times Daedalus or iA Writer? And more importantly, since I've seen iA Writer being used most on mobile and Daedalus really hits its stride on the iPad, is it that much better than both put together?

So, the question still stands as above: How do you write on your iPhone or iPod touch? What apps? What storage client? What's your workflow?