AMD TEMASH running Torchlight II in FullHD (25fps in DirectX 11 mode)



MWC 2013: AMD ODM Tablet Reference Designs (via NotebookcheckReviews)

And there is AMD raising my expectations again...

Surfaced yesterday a demo a video of a AMD Kabini TEMASH Tablet running Torchlight II in FullHD at a decent framerate , at under 6W is really impressive ; it's more powerfull than the Intel HD4000.


AMD Demonstrations of Next Generation Elite Mobility APU (via amd)

And theres a version thas has the mew AMD Turbodock design, theres a fan on the dock for when you dock the tablet it actively cools the inside of the tablet allowing a overclock and a power increase up to 40-50% ..

AMD Turbo Dock Technology (via amd)


AMD Turbo Dock Technology (via amd).

The facts:


-Better battery on Baytrail T

-Very likely to have a better CPU


AMD Temash

-Much more powerfull graphics at same TDP as Baytrail-M , Baytrail will have a 4 core version of Intel HD4000 (that has 16 cores), so 25%-30% of the performance , while the graphics on the quadcore Temash are more powerfull than the Intel HD4000 (so around 4x the graphics performance as Atom's Baytrail)

-There is the turbo dock,it provides the means to a 40% overclock ; so almost up to 6x the Baytrail GPU performance.