Android for developers

Albeit being an iOS user, I'm very well aware of how much limited the OS is, and if iOS7 will prove to be a fail I will switch to Android no matter what.

But I'm just an (slightly above?) average user, a "tech-guy", not a developer.
I have a developer friend though, and he claims that iOS is far better (for developers) because of its simplicity and the safety it gives. He had a terrible experience with his brother's Galaxy Ace trying to root it in order to make it run a stock ICS (CM) and having a memory leak bug, something that - he says - would never happen on his iPhone. That's what we mainly talked about, but he also mentioned several other problems related to the Dalvik VM and, most of all, Java.

Not being a developer as I previously said though, I was not able to manage that part of the discussion, and that's why I'm here and asking.
Overlooking the ultimate user experience for a moment, is developing on Android such a pain? Don't be afraid to be too technical and specific in the answers, I will eventually let him read and -maybe- comment.

Sorry for my bad english, it's not my first language.
Thank you!